American College Consultants Loves Thailand

Our Philosophy

ACC is an American-owned branch office operating in Thailand to promote educational opportunities for international students.  Although there are many fantastic universities around the world, we focus almost exclusively on American schools in order to provide you with the best possible advice and guidance.  We believe that what sets us apart from other education agents is our philosophy of working exclusively for you and your family.  And our only goal is to match you with the ideal academic program, school, location and budget!


Did you know that most educational service providers maintain just a small number of contracts with a few universities?   These companies then attempt to fit each of their student clients into this handful of schools, even if it might not be suitable for them.  We believe that this process is almost never in the interest of the student and our objective is to do just the opposite.  We will research the over 4,000 accredited schools in the United States for the one that's the best match for you and your background, abilities and interests.


Our promise to you and your family:

  • Honest and candid advice concerning your potential to attend school in the United States
  • A custom designed plan that is unique to each student
  • Assistance with understanding the US student visa application and college admissions process