Personalized and Comprehensive Guidance

Our team of independent counselors will work as your centralized, one-stop service center for all aspects of your educational goals.  Our advice and guidance to you is always tailor made for your particular situation and takes into account your academic, social and family profiles.  We believe that each student and each school are unique and by understanding this we can make sure you receive admission to the right institution that will be the most supportive and challenging for your personal growth and success.

Thai High School students planning to study in the United States

Our Services Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Comprehensive student/parent interviews to determine academic strengths, goals and career aspirations.
  • Review/evaluate school transcripts, recommend additional coursework to support admissions goals, evaluate test scores and identify if tutoring will increase them.
  • Discuss potential major courses of study and final degree requirements.
  • Present 20 to 30 universities that meet student and parent preferences and provide detailed information on the school's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Determine the best 5 to 10 schools to submit applications.
  • Organize a detailed timeline to support and complete all applications from start to finish.
  • Review and provide guidance/tutoring for any essay submissions.
  • Ensure all letters of recommendation are specific for each school's admissions package and obtained on time.
  • Conduct mock admissions/scholarship interviews, and provide feedback to ensure the student's strengths are on display for university staff.