Believe In Your Dreams Of Higher Education In the United States

Everyone Has A Dream Worth Pursuing!

The first step in our process is meeting with you and talking about your plans to study abroad.  We'll discuss your high school grades, any college or English test scores, and extracurricular activities.  As a part of our interview we want to get to know you and what you hope to achieve by studying in the United States.  What sort of career are you hoping to start when you finish school?  Do your career objectives match your educational goals?  We'll provide you with honest and candid advice about your plans and give you multiple options on how to succeed.

How much do you know about the American higher education system for international students?

  • Are you aware of the differences between Associate, Bachelors and Masters degrees?
  • How about certificate programs and Optional Practical Training?
Dreaming of designing a unique education program at a university in America
America's Beautiful West Coast

America The Beautiful!

How familiar you are with the United States?  Do you already have friends and family there?  Let's talk about any preferences you might have for school locations.  There are great universities and colleges in every State!  You could take classes in the mountains, the desert or even next to the ocean.  There are schools located in very isolated areas, as well as downtown New York City or Los Angeles.

We'll help you understand the great varieties that are potentially available to you.  ACC's independent advisers will also provide you with complete and detailed information about living in America as an international student and how to make that transition as easy as possible.

International Students Touring the Grand Canyon in America