New College Students Moving Into Dormitory In America

Stay Focused, Stay Committed And Graduate On Time!

You've been accepted at your school, you have your US student visa in your passport and you're ready to begin one of the most important periods of your life!  During this stage your ACC counselor will help ensure you are fully prepared to succeed.  We'll make sure you're signed up for the US Embassy's pre-departure sessions for new students, and that you take full advantage of the programs your school has for international students.

After you arrive in America, ACC and our entire team will continue to work with you and your family to help with any unexpected surprises that might come up.  The first few months away from family, friends and the familiarity of Thailand will be exciting and also a little stressful.  Now's the time when you'll have to remain focused and committed to your goals:

  • Study hard and get good grades
  • Engage with your new classmates, school and community
  • Graduate on time!