Students and university recruiters at event in Asia

Where does your school see the most potential for increasing their international student enrollment?  What cities or schools or events are key to achieving your goals?

American College Consultants is an LLC, founded and based in the United States with a branch office located in Bangkok, Thailand since 2015.  With our experience and regional base we are well situated to help represent your institution at schools and recruiting events from the Middle East to China.  Our representational services are fee-based, as opposed to commission, and there are not long-term contracts or commitments.  Working with your admissions and recruiting staff we can serve as a local enabler for your stateside team in any number of ways.  We can participate on your behalf in educational fairs, college visits, high school briefings, student testing and interviews, and any other services your team may need help with in Asia.

  • With our company you only pay for those services you want - we go where you need us to go.
  • Students are able to interact in person with an authorized representative of your school and those leads are then transmitted to your staff in near real time.
  • You bypass the educational agent 'filter' and are in direct contact with your potential recruits in those crucial first days and weeks after the initial interaction.
University recruiting event at Bangkok international high school

Assert More Control Over Your Recruiting, Better Manage Costs, And Engage Sooner With Your New Students